Benefits of CIT Equipment Financing

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Why Finance Your Equipment?
Preserving your cash and available credit is a key component of intelligent business management. So when you have a need for new equipment, CIT Equipment Finance is a great option to get the equipment you need now, while keeping your existing cash and credit lines intact. And, the process, from application to documentation takes less than 10 minutes-all online.

Fast Credit Decisions
Apply online anytime. Decisions are provided within seconds.

Affordable, Fixed Monthly Payments
Fixed monthly payments are easier to plan cash flow.

Minimal Upfront Cost
Our standard lease program only requires one advance payment and the documentation fee prior to the start of the lease.

Tax Advantages
Lease payments may be fully tax-deductible as an operational expense.

Preserve Existing Bank & Credit Card Lines
Leasing with CIT lets you acquire the equipment you need afford ably, while preserving your other sources of credit.

Protect Against Obsolete Technology
Plan for a technology upgrade with the right lease or rental term. Never get stuck with obsolete equipment again.

Equipment Financing vs. Other Payment Options
Financing your equipment purchase with CIT is a smart decision for business owners on a budget. Get the equipment your company needs now and pay for it over time through affordable monthly payments. Use that equipment to generate revenue and significantly impact your company’s bottom line.

Equipment leasing is a smart alternative to purchasing if you do not want to own equipment that may become obsolete quickly. Learn how lease financing compares to other purchasing options:

Equipment Financing vs Purchasing Outright
Few companies are in a position where they have enough working capital to purchase all their equipment, furniture, and software outright. If you finance your equipment purchase with CIT, your company will have more cash available for future business opportunities.

Equipment Financing vs Credit Cards
Many small businesses and startups have limited lines of credit available. When you purchase your equipment with a credit card, you are wasting valuable lines of credit that your company may need to utilize for other expenses. If you finance your equipment purchase with CIT you leave yourself more options for future company needs.

Equipment Financing vs Small Business Loans
Equipment financing may be an affordable alternative to a loan. Many lending institutions have very strict requirements businesses must meet before the bank will extend a loan or line of credit. Bank loans usually require a significant down payment that can range between 10%-20% of the equipment cost.