BendPak 1502BAS-202 1502 Automatic with 202 Die Package


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BendPak 1502BAS-202 1502 Automatic with 202 Die Package

Fully automated bending controls and two different end finishing options make this BAS model one of Bend-Pak’s most popular designs. The BAS has two different control modes; an electric foot switch assemble for manual bending operations and a three-button control board for automatic functions. The degree of bends are shown on a plate which also incorporates an adjustable slide pointer that can be set to any desired bend depth. The machine is equipped with a 5-horsepower Baldor motor giving the added power you need when bending heavy wall 3-inch tubing or stainless. An internal expanding unit and swager unit is included for precise end finishing.

For more than three decades, we’ve been building benders with one single, overriding priority: performance. Our assembly personal and R&D teams are constantly testing each model as it comes off the assembly line to ensure that not a single corner is cut. Each phase of production is overseen and scrutinized by an elite group of team leaders whose only responsibility is to make sure everything performs as well or better than intended. It’s true that we aren’t the only bender manufacturer out there, but we are the only ones who are this dedicated, this respected and quite frankly, this good at what we do.

Consider our “Flagship” semi-automatic BendPak 1502BAS-202 exhaust pipe bender. We equipped an already top-notch model with a semi-automatic control board and located it up front for your convenience. Hit the green button for fully automatic bending functions, blue for initiating an automatic return sequence and red for stop. It’s that simple. And for an added bit of sophistication, we’ve also included a remote electric foot switch, so you can control basic bending operations even if you’re handling larger tubing 4′ away.

Quick-change bending dies
Who has time to waste? Not you. Especially when you have a car in the air and others lined up. Our competitors tried for years to come up with an effective way to swiftly switch out the bending dies. But BendPak actually did it. Our twist-lock tooling and quick-change bending dies are so effective that they are copied across the entire industry. We choose to think of imitation as the best form of flattery, but you should make sure that you get your innovative equipment from the originator and not a knock-off.

180° bending capacity
You told us you needed a bender with an extremely deep bending capability. Is a U-shape deep enough? Thought so. Be sure to ask for our 180° dies if you’re planning to bend more than 170°. You’ll get perfect deep bends on a 5″ radius, without pipe sticking or hang ups. That’s because we use an exclusive relief cut design on our bending dies to help maintain the pipe’s uniformity throughout the bend cycle and eliminate excessive crimping or deformation.

BAS three-button control
An automatic control board, safely enclosed within the front upright of the bender, is located up front for operator convenience. The green button is used for full automatic bending functions, the blue button for initiating an automatic return sequence and the red button for automatic stop. The depth-of-bend plate is equipped with an adjustable slide pointer that can be preset to stop at any desired bend depth.

Motor 5 Hp / 208 – 230 VAC / 60 Hz / 1 pH
Bending Controls automatic / digital control
Expander Controls manual / knee lever
Frame Style 1502 / dual expander units
Max Bending Radius 5″ / 127 mm
Min Bending Radius 3-1/3″ / 89 mm
Tube Capacity 3″
Standard Die Pack 1-1/2″, 1-3/4″, 2″, 2-1/4″, 2-1/2″
Top Cycle Working Force 60,000 lbs. / 27,216 kg
Hydraulic Filter canister
Shipping Weight 1,300 lbs. / 590 kg
Shipping Dimensions 48″ x 70″ x 30″ / 1,219 mm x 1,778 mm x 762 mm
 Manufacture Bend-Pak