BendPak LS7580V-503 7.5 HP Air Compressor, 80-Gallon Vertical Tank, 50 Hz 3-PH


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BendPak LS7580V-503 7.5 HP Air Compressor, 80-Gallon Vertical Tank, 50 Hz 3-PH


Never settle for less. When you choose a BendPak TRI-MAX™, you’re getting the most technologically advanced air-compression technology available, backed by the world’s true automotive equipment leader. Among those who know, our TRI-MAX™ series air compressors have earned a solid reputation for meeting the rigorous demands of everyday business in auto body shops and manufacturing plants.


In particular, the LS7580V-503 is an ASME-certified power-house that features the renowned TRI-MAX™ extreme-duty 3-cylinder pump, designed and manufactured to operate with maximum efficiency under all load conditions. This 100% cast-iron pump has a “W-3” configuration that provides 360° cooling efficiency and splash lubrication ensures total reliability. It features a larger pump that makes little noise, but packs a lot of power.


Ever notice how your old compressor radiates a whole lot of heat after it’s been running? All that heat can only mean one thing—wasted energy that could have been used to maximize your CFM. That’s why we crafted our TRI-MAX™ compressors to operate on the “run slow; run cold” principle. It’s simple: slower speeds combined with larger pistons result in much lower operating temperatures. So you know that you’re getting the most out of your TRI-MAX™ compressor. Think of a large wheel versus a small wheel. With the larger wheel, you get where you’re going in fewer rotations. The same holds true for the TRI-MAX™. Move more air with less work!


To top it off, an integrated pressure unloader valve is employed to exhaust the air between the compressor and the check valve, allowing the compressor to begin its next cycle without any head pressure. Longer life, less downtime, heavy-duty reed valves, finned copper tubing for superior tubing and more horsepower—the LS580V-501 is everything you want in an air compressor.

Product Attributes

HP 7-1/2 Hp
Tank Size 80 gallons / 300 L / vertical tank
Voltage 230 – 460 V
Phase 3 Ph
Hertz 50 Hz
AMPS 10 – 20 amp
Max PSI 175 psi
CFM 25.3 – 28.5
Pump 3 cylinder / 2 stage
Lubrication splash / oil
Shipping Weight 683 lbs
Shipping Dimensions 75″ x 38″ x 43″ / 1,905 mm x 965 mm x 1,092 mm
Manufacturer BendPak